Join an artist-owned cooperative redefining stock cinematography.

We’re looking for professional filmmakers, storytellers and experienced stock video producers who can help grow the Stocksy collection with their own unique creativity.

Filmmakers & Storytellers


Cinematic Experiences

Stock video can be dramatic, engaging, and shot with all the filmmaking techniques that make great cinema while still being marketable to clients. We are on the hunt for more of this high-quality footage to build on our collection of cinematic experiences.


We require image and video footage exclusivity for all assets uploaded to Stocksy. This means you can upload to multiple agencies, but all assets within a set or series that are in the Stocksy collection can only be sold with us.

Our co-op membership reaches to all corners of the globe bringing diversified perspective and fueling creative inspiration. You will never be short of collaborative opportunities and motivation with this community at your fingertips.

Inspiration from peers

As a Stocksy contributor and co-op member, you always have agency and a voice within the business. Our members are all encouraged to feel empowered by participating in elections, resolutions, voting and annual general meetings while giving constructive feedback to build our online community.

Governance and control

Stocksy is constantly growing and evolving. We strive to lead movements and trends in art, encouraging our members to do the same. Working together as a collective, we are motivated to strengthen our careers and passions with relentless creativity.

Artistic motivation

High royalty payouts

We believe artists should be paid fairly for their work, so we put 50%–75% of every sale directly into your pockets plus annual patronage. Imagine bringing in that cash without having to deal with marketing, talking to clients or managing the minutia of admin. We take care of all that business so you can continue doing what you love most.

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Stocksy is an artist-owned business creating big change as one of the world’s first platform cooperatives. Our membership is a group of high-calibre, professional artists, valued for their individuality, perspective and style. We always strive to inspire, motivate and collaborate, constantly learning and growing together as a strong community of visionaries.


Real World Representation

where we're headed

We are always making efforts to be part of a more inclusive world and to build a collection that accurately represents people from diverse geographies and cultural backgrounds. We’re looking for footage that helps to tell people’s real stories, illustrating genuine life experiences from around the globe.

Be part of a global community of artists elevating stock footage.

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For technical specifications related to your application, check out our Call to Artists FAQ.

The entire Stocksy United collection is 100% exclusive, hand selected for quality and curated daily.

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